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 As a plus size woman, I have always had problems finding clothing that I could feel good in and finding things on the Internet was always a hit and miss because I never knew how something would fit or look like on me. When I first tried the clothing , I was amazed at the quality and the transformation that I felt. I finally had found clothing that made me feel beautiful. 
With the transformation also came a feeling that I had to help other women feel the same way. Therefore, I joined Piphany and created my business, 3GenFashion, based on the fact that Piphany's clothing line works for all generations of women. Finally, I had discovered a company that makes Real fashion for Real women. I now help women choose clothing that flatters their body type with pieces that they love so that they can feel beautiful and confident in their skin. I cherish the smiles on the faces of my customers when they first try Piphany. Piphany is truly a size-inclusive clothing line for all ages.
The five words I would use to describe the center of my life that makes me happy...
                Family... Friendships... Faith... Fur Babies...Fashion!
I invite you to take a look around, reach out to me if you have any questions. Feel free to search my site and have fun! This site is to look at the albums and then send your order in the order form located at the bottom of the pages with the styles, this is not an E-commerce site.
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